3C Strategy provides consultancy packages tailored to the voluntary, statutory and private sectors.


Using expertise gained through involvement in local, national, international, regional, and global marketing campaigns and educational initiatives, 3C Strategy develops strategies to support individuals, smaller companies and organisations.


Applying economies of scale, 3C Strategy is also able to provide its successful services for those with smaller budgets.  Preliminary meetings to discuss the challenges you are facing and to explore how 3C Strategy can support you are often free-of-charge.


3C Strategy provides an individual and friendly service that does not need to cost the earth.





3C Strategy provides a range of marketing workshops to suit your needs.


1.   Introductory Workshop


3C Strategy provides a back-to-basics Introductory Workshop using presentations and interactive sessions designed to deal with problem-solving.  We will explore some of the issues likely to be encountered as you market your event, service or products and will come up with solutions to address some of your own problems.



2.   Intermediate Workshop


The Intermediate Workshop is more interactive and allows participants to engage with each other using case studies and live workshops to develop solutions relevant to them.  We will review key marketing solutions for the most common problems faced by the majority of small businesses.



3.   Advanced Workshop


The Advanced Workshop is designed to run at your premises where we can explore and review your own experiences of current and previous marketing activities.  We will build on these to develop a strategy designed to meet your specific needs.  This workshop is ideally suited to larger charities and organisations that perhaps need to localise a national campaign.




In all cases, flexibilty is the key.  Any workshop can be tailored to any group.


So, whether you require help designing a poster to advertise your next event or whether you need to develop a full marketing strategy for your group or business, if you are seeking a cost-effective outcome, why not pick up the 'phone or email 3C Strategy for a free, confidential, no obligation introductory chat.










David Williams

tel: +44 (0) 7721 919365

email: david@3CStrategy.net