ontinuing Medical Education



CME is changing ...       


As an integral part of the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) of healthcare professionals worldwide, Continuing Medical Education has different meanings in different countries and accreditation is achieved in many ways across the world, but the key objectives remain the same:


  • to facilitate the learning of healthcare professionals
  • to increase the knowledge and understanding of healthcare professionals
  • to improve the management and treatment of disease/illness
  • to progress the management and wellbeing of the patient


Negotiating the diverse array of CME policies and protocols that exist across the globe is especially challenging.  With expert knowledge of accreditation procedures and effective relationships with authorities in west, east & central Europe, the United States & Canada. Australia & south-east Asia and Latin America, 3C Strategy is well-placed to partner with you to accomplish your educational objectives.


3C Strategy is currently collaborating with QUAIME (Quality in Medical Education) and World Forum CPD in Medicine to advocate and promote the McMEMS Online CME Course:


"Advanced Competence in CME Affairs and Programme Design"




Click here www.mcmems.org for more details



3C Strategy supports the European CME Forum and the Good CME Practice initiative to cultivate excellence in the development and delivery of CME 



Author on "European CME provider group raises concerns about policy statement from European Society of Cardiology"